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Our Vision
The International Kolping Society, through the commitment of its members and groups, endeavours to safeguard human dignity. The human being as a person is at the centre of our work. The Kolping Society seeks to develop the talents and skills of its members, so that every individual is empowered to organize his or her own life independently. Being social creatures, human beings are responsible not only for themselves but also for their fellow men and women. The activities of the Kolping Society and its members are therefore orientated toward the common good world-wide.
For the International Kolping Society, the human being, as an individual created by God, is not only responsible for the conservation and the fostering of creation as a whole, but he or she is responsible also to God.
The International Kolping Society therefore endeavours, through its activities, to pass on the message of Jesus Christ to its members and to society.

Our Mission
The International Kolping Society makes its members and society realize that the human being, as God’s creature, has a special dignity that obliges him or her to bear a special responsibility for his/her fellow men and women and society
We enable the members, through comprehensive educational measures, to develop their talents and skills and to act as responsible Christians at work, in marriage and family, in the Church, in society and State.
We assist our members and their families through counselling and specific activities.
We participate in shaping society in the spirit of the common good, giving special consideration to the international common good.
We assume responsibility by taking on tasks in the social arena and thereby strengthening civil society.
We offer orientation to people in search of the meaning of life and help the members and society understand and live the Christian Message of Salvation.
We shall be guided by the principles of the Catholic Social Teachings and the statements made by Blessed. Adolph Kolping.

Our Values
Respect for Human Dignity
Since the human being was created in the image of God, he or she has a special dignity. A human being’s dignity has to be respected in all phases of life from conception to its natural end. The respect for a person’s dignity does not depend on social standing, age, gender, ethnic origin, or religious affiliation.
As part of the human race, the individual is responsible for his or her fellow men and women. This obliges us to live in solidarity with others. For us, the joining together of people in solidarity networks and institutions has a special significance.
Love of Neighbour
Practiced Christian love of neighbour goes beyond the demands of charity. Assistance and support are offered without obligation and it includes the love of one’s enemy.

Ethical Code of Conduct
Mindful of the vision, the mission, and the values of the International Kolping Society, the following Code of Conduct shall guide its members and employees:
- Our interaction between people shall be characterized by honesty and respect;
- We observe the law when executing our tasks and obligations;
- When making decisions, we exclude personal advantages, favouritism of family members or members of the same ethnic group;
- All economic and financial affairs shall be conducted with the greatest possible transparency;
- We respect confidentiality concerning all information we receive about people in the context of our activities as a member or an employee;
- A sense of reality shall determine all our actions;
- The elected leadership, their family members and/or associates shall not participate in any decision from which they may receive personal gain.