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             Christmas is in the air!  Parties, concerts, shopping, baking, and stressing - it's all in the game.  It's about families coming together, about happy memories and, especially, it's about the children.  
            We celebrate the birth of Jesus, who taught mankind that compassion, understanding and forgiveness was what we are meant to practice in our daily lives.  This Christmas, let‘s all be thankful for His coming, and let‘s stay optimistic that His message will, eventually, trickle down to those who still live in darkness where hatred and just plain ignorance still dominate
            Our year here in Kolping Winnipeg has been pretty slow, except, sadly, for four funerals.  We lost Joe Bommersbach, Helen Fahnenschmidt, Rudi Sing and, in October, Tony Meier. ( And last week we heard that our former member Katie Mueller passed away in Penticton.) All were members for a very long time;  Rudi was around at the very beginning. We will miss them all.
            In May we got together to mark Kolping Winnipeg's 60th anniversary, and we were happy to have Father George Neumann here to celebrate with us. Father is such a good speaker and of course very knowledgeable not just about Kolping but the world in general.  It was a very enjoyable, if busy, couple of days. Father stayed with Margret Littau, an old friend. She and Victor visited Father in Edmonton many times over many years, and she was more than happy to wine and dine him here for a change. 
            We had to cancel our scheduled picnic in early August because of the unpleasant start to our summer - weekly torrential downpours which always cause a big mess at our place in Hnausa (a foot of water in places, which takes a couple of days to drain away).  Of course, and predictably, as soon as everyone had been phoned, the weather became beautiful, with sunshine and perfect temperatures, and it stayed that way well into November.  We finally have a light coating of snow, but another gorgeous weekend is apparently ahead of us.
            We've just had our Kolping Memorial Communion Breakfast, and are looking forward to by our Christmas Party this coming Sunday.
            Christmas is great in Winnipeg, lots of parties, parades, celebrations, concerts, etc. etc.  Just one highlight is the German Canadian Congress' Christkindlmarkt; very fine entertainment and beautiful things to buy, not to mention the Gluehwein, Kaffee und Kuchen. 
            We wish everyone a blessed Christmas, with  happy, loving celebrations with your families and friends.

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