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Sunday Mar.10th 10 a.m. Mass & Communion Breakfast.  This has been for years our most popular meeting. We will look for improvement perhaps food wise. You are welcome to voice your opinion on this issue. If it is not too much work we are more than willing to work with you on this solution. No more $5.00 fees. We decided at the last General Meeting that Kolping Kitty will pay for all breakfasts and meals as long as we have money left. You deserve it finally.

Friday Mar. 22nd at 5:30 p.m. Leading the Parish in praying the stations of the cross.  We need helpers for reading, carrying the cross and candles.

Friday Apr. 12th to Sunday 14th  Annual Retreat at Marylake Tom Kleinau with Werner’s help will surely make it a must attend  event. Father Joel, (same as last year ) will be the Director. Make sure you  reply to their invitation. See the invitation for contact info.  There will be no communion breakfast at McCaul. You can join the parish’s breakfast. Steve Salb hopes to have a meeting discussing ways to close the National  Office.

May 12th 10 a.m. Mass & Communion Breakfast.
This is Mother’s Day and Toronto Kolping 62nd anniversary. Once again we will have an improved breakfast. Let us know if you bring your family.

Wednesday May 29th Senior’s Meeting in Edward Gardens. Bring your own food or purchase some at the cafeteria. Hope no rainout this year. We always have a great time, talking to everyone as we walk. Karl can explain all the plants and Henry can point out the herbal remedies he sees.

Sunday June 9th 2019 Communion Breakfast This will be the last one before the Summer. Volunteers for the “Spiritual Enlightenment” have not come forward. Perhaps you read something you want to share with us, please do.

Sunday June 23rd 11 a.m. Annual Picnic with Communion Mass at Inge & Werner Wuebbolt’s Place. Bring your own drinks, salads and cakes to share.Kolping will provide the sausages. Bring your own chairs


Sunday Sept. 8th 10 a.m. Communion Breakfast. The start of the new season. A good time to share all your summer experiences.


Wednesday Sept. 25th 11 a.m. Senior’s outing. This time to High Park. We meet at the Grenadier Restaurant Parking lot. You can chose to bring your own food or purchase it there. We will take a nice walk along the Grenadier pond or one of the other pleasant walk ways.


Special birthdays and anniversaries for this period: Feb.10th Reinhard Drobig 65, Mar. 15th Margaret Stecker 85, Mar. 27th Inge Wuebbolt 80, Mar. 27th Peter Wuebbolt Jr. 60, Apr. 12th Steve Salb 85. Apr. 16th Tom Kleinau 55, Apr. 18th Karl Wiker 80. Give them a Happy Birthday call.



Parish members are welcome to join us at all meetings. Would you like to become a Kolping member call me: Henry Buss 416 249 0702 Or Email me at


Dear Kolping Members!

As we get ready for the next six months I am hoping you will copy this program, if you receive it via email. If you can’t print it, I can give you a hard copy.

Our picnic at Inge and Werner’s place was well attended. Father Miller said the mass again, everybody was there. We are very grateful to Inge & Werner for making it possible. A perfect place for this event.

Our General Meeting was well attended. It was agreed that we will pay out of our cash reserves for all breakfast and meals. Ann Salb will manage the $1000.00 advance and top it off  the following year and report to us. The annual donations will be increased by $2000.00 to $7000.00.

Christa Harti, Georg & Hedwig Hoedlmoser have agreed to continue in the executive for another two years. The following are in the present executive:
Praeses: Father Mark Miller CSsR
President: Henry Buss
Vice President: Georg Hoedlmoser
Secretary: Ann Salb
Treasurer: Reinhard Drobig
Mia Buss, assistant to the President
Werner Scheliga membership drive
Steve Salb breakfasts with Ann
Hedwig Hoedlmoser calling
Wilmar Wolf  membership drive
Erika Scheliga
Christa Harti

Donations: Bazaar plus help $ 1000.00
Out of the Cold $ 1500.00
Asha Deep School $ 1000.00
Marylake Retreat House $ 500.00
Settling in Pakistani Family $ 1500.00
Fr. Miller’s Africa Project $ 1500.00

Membership Equity as of Dec $56,540.8

Heinz is at home recovering doing well. Alfons Loeffler died April 25th 18. Remember him in your prayers.

Treu Kolping
Henry Buss, President

“Treu Kolping"

Henry Buss

Kolping Society
of Toronto
c/o St. Patrick's Parish
131 McCaul Street
Toronto, ON
M5T 1W3